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Abdominal detox massage (Chi Nei Tsang)

It was just a wonderful practical course that has left me wanting to really have someone to practice. i wish i could attend in person. The teacher is so very attentive to everyone and respectful of each individual. She is patient with everyone and gives time for practicals. She is very clear in her information instructions.

Ruth Nyalazi, Montreal

Naturopathy Diploma in Health & Wellbeing

Course is well structured and offers great learning about Natural healing process through natural food and Nutrition.Through this course I learnt how Naturopathy principles can be applied right from procuring food and preparing food to completely lead a disease free life and also learnt Naturopathic techniques, Nutrition and supplement to lead a healthy life with energy and vigour. Course is really interesting with short and knowledge rich lessons. I am very happy that i did this course.

Kalaivani Babu, Bangalor
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Candlemaking for Beginners

I loved this course so much The directions were easy to follow and it encouraged me to be creative. I have made two batches of candles so far. one to give away and learn what people liked and didn't like so I could know how to improve them.The second batch I sold in a yard sale and actually made a profit! I am considering opening an online store after I create more scents and figure out packaging and size and kind of candles. Thank you so much!

Tia Long, Irving
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Metameric Massage

It was easy to follow and understand. I am very happy thank you. I started practising it on my kids and fiance, they can feel the difference already. Although the voice was clear enough to hear and follow, I still wished there were subtitles as I am hard of hearing.

Stephanie Booysen, Boksburg
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Communication with animals and nature.

Excellent course!! Thoroughly enjoyed it and going out now to start practicing my new found knowledge!! I love nature and live amongst it all the time with our nomadic lifestyle, I've always had a link with nature and this course was ideal for me. I will be doing further courses similar to this!!

Ogilvie Fixter, Lincoln
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ATT Yoga Teacher Training

I've enjoyed this course and it's been transformative for my 30+ year healthcare career. It's enabled me to adapt to new health conditions through yoga, which has become a daily practice for me. I've also engaged others in one-on-one sessions to understand our bodies better. I'm excited about potentially shifting my career focus to something that benefits both me and others. I've completed two other courses—baby yoga and yoga for professionals—and I find online courses invaluable. Thank you!

Providencia Garcia, Long Beach
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Forensic Psychology: Scientific and Practical Applications

This course was so informative and very educational. I never knew what it entailed to be a forensic psychologist; I enjoyed listening to Jeff. He was terrific and would highly recommend anyone who is looking at this course to go ahead and start it as it will open more doors for you in the future.

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Kirsty Robison, Newcastle Upon Tyne
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Holistic Practitioner

I thought the course was wonderful and very mindful, experienced and allowed me to connect on different levels. I did learn a great deal and I've been teaching for a very long time so it was great to see some new thoughts and ideas. I also thought the information was greatly shared..

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Danielle Lane, Greentown
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I enjoy the knowledge I've gained from this. It wasn't just universal it was also spiritual. I'm able to use these tools that I've obtained while taking this course and making a career out of it. I was lost and not knowing what I wanted to do and stumbled across this website and it matched everything I was looking for..

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Kimberly Vertigan, Detroit
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Practical Reflexology

Great course , well put together from a very knowledgeable tutor . The videos where interesting and easy to follow techniques , thorough history of the subject explained, I'm practicing daily with family and on my own feet , I will be enrolling on further courses from ofcourse . Also great value for money .

Rachel Cain, Willington
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Hypnosis: How to do Rapid Inductions

Great course by Dan Jones. Easy to follow & lots of rapid Inductions which I will be trying. This is my fourth course, and I would recommend to anyone wishing to further their insight & knowledge about hypnosis. Certificates have always arrived on time and courses have been of great value to me..

David Thomas, Cardiff
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Soap Making Business

My experience was probably the best thing i have done for myself this year. It exceed all my expectations. I have learned a lot and i know everyone will enjoy this course. I have highly recommended it and i will continue to recommend it. Thank you so much for everything

Yoaris Garcia, San Juan
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Child Psychology

I really enjoyed doing this course and learned so much about how children's minds function with thoughts and feelings and how to help control and understand them.even having children of my own this taught me so much more about why and how to resolve the way children and older children may feel.it really made me understand the way children can think and understand things or not .I definitely would recommend this course

Angela Smith, Kilsyth
Clint Images

CTAA Accredited Yoga Teacher Training

Wonderful course. All the information is very useful. They give also a manual instruction for practice at home. There were video materials, that you can understand in details how to do the poses. I am very happy about this course. I bought öne more course just after completed this öne, it is Yoga for Kids. I highly recommend this course for you. Of you forget something you can always return to your page to listen to it again. Good like to everyone!!!

Evgeniya Kaplan, Turkey
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Loved all the information. I Will go back to listen to a few things again. There's a lot of great knowledge in this course. So many things to incorporate! I'm starting with making my own sprouts!! I just wish it came in downloadable files I could print and put into a binder!

Sharlee Ritz, New York
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Criminal Psychology

It was everything I could've wanted in this course and more! The course was very in depth and very insightful to the world of criminal psychology and the possible career routes that come with it. I would honestly recommend this course for anyone interested to in insight to the ways of the criminal mind and how it works. The many give you a different look of how the history of criminal profiling has effected many cases. if you're interested in serial killers i'd highly recommend this course!!!

Tiffany Jordan Canterbury
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Yoga Teacher Training

Very informative and detailed course. Provided me with everything I needed in order to successfully become a yoga instructor. Overall the course was enjoyable with the use of video and the handbook it was easy to study and understand. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning about yoga or becoming a yoga instructor

Sophia King, Dublin
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Great course, like all I have taken so far. Perfect balance: theory and practice and very encouraging motivation to go out there and practice, use the new skills. Well prepared materials and resources. Students can go through the pdf-s that can be downloaded and audios with very clear explanations. Definitely recommend this course.

Akasa Sakti, London
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