Criminal Investigation Bundle

3 Courses in 1: A Forensic Psychology and Criminology Bundle that will teach you about offender profiling, analyse infamous case studies and clearly detail court proceedings.

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  • Includes 157 lectures, 5 hours of video content, courses quizzes, handout materials and Ebooks to study.
  • Offers a thorough look at criminal proceedings, including the trial, sentencing and appeals.
  • Learn the psychology and thought processes of some of the most infamous criminals
  • Learn how to discern information about a potential offender by analysing a crime scene
  • A perfect course for anyone with an interest in criminology who wants to learn more about the world of offender profiling.

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Criminal Investigation Bundle
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If you are fascinated by the mind, intrigued by the law and curious about crime, this Forensic Psychology and Criminology Bundle is for you!

The Forensic Psychology Course offers an in-depth insight into psychology and the crucial role it plays in law enforcement. You will learn about criminal responsibility, competency to stand trial, guardianship and custody agreements. It will also teach you about the risk assessment procedure for violent behaviour, sexual offending as well as behavioural science and the truth behind profiling.

Following this, The criminal psychology course brings you the opportunity to enter the mind of a criminal and understand the thought processes that some of the most famous criminals were experiencing. Dig deeper than what appears on the surface and get to the root causes of various crimes.

The final course provides a detailed and thorough introduction into the world of offender profiling, offering insightful teachings on its history and origin. It will take you through the different types of offender, and the different types of profiling that correspond to each type of offense. By the end of this course, you will know how to create a detailed and accurate offender profile.


Forensic Psychology: Scientific & Practical Applications

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Background on Forensic Psychology

Part 3: Roles and Applications of a Forensic Psychologist

Part 4: Competency to Stand Trial and Application of Specific Law

Part 5: Guardianship and Risk Assessment

Part 6: Family Law and Consultancy Psychology

Part 7: The Forensic Psychologist

Part 8: Quiz - Forensic Psychology

Part 9: Recommended Courses

Criminal Psychology

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Causes of Crime

Part 3: Prevention of Crime

Part 4: Punishment and Rehabilitation

Part 5: Psychological Profiling of Serial Killers

Part 6: Geographical Profiling

Part 7: Body Language of Lying

Part 8: Interviewing and Interrogation

Part 9: Quiz

Criminology: Offender Profiling

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: The History of Offender Profiling

Part 3: Crime Analysis

Part 4: Current Approaches to Offender Profiling

Part 5: Profiling the Offender

Part 6: Profiles of Serial Killers

Part 7: The Future of Offender Profiling

Part 8: Course Assessment

Part 9: Recommended Courses

Part 10: Refer a Friend To This Course