Criminology: Offender Profiling

Learn how to identify and create thorough profiles for offenders and potential suspects.

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 49 lectures with 3 hours of video content & supporting handout materials
  • Learn how to discern information about a potential offender by analysing a crime scene.
  • Includes a 92-Page Handbook detailing all aspects of the course and how to get the most out of the lecture material.
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of offender profiling, and its place in the future of criminology.
  • A perfect course for anyone with an interest in criminology who wants to learn more about the world of offender profiling.

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Criminology: Offender Profiling
Teresa C.
Teresa Clyne
Course Tutor

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Course Facts

RequirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course

Course Teacher

Teresa Clyne

Legal & Forensic Psychology Consultant. Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth.

More Info

This course provides a detailed and thorough introduction into the world of offender profiling, offering insightful teachings on its history and origin. It will take you through the different types of an offender, and the different types of profiling that correspond to each type of offence. By the end of this course, you will know how to create a detailed and accurate offender profile.

Course instructor Teresa Clyne is a legal and forensic psychology consultant. She is a lecturer in interdisciplinary law and forensic psychology at the University of Portsmouth and has written several publications, including 'A Plain English Guide to Business Law'. Teresa is an expert in her field and continues to share her teachings with students worldwide.

This is an ideal course for anyone with a burgeoning interest in criminology and offender profiling. Whether you consider yourself an expert or a novice on this topic, this course is designed to teach you more about this fascinating world!