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Criminal Psychology

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What you'll learn

This criminal psychology course offers you the opportunity to access the root causes of crime by entering the mind of criminals & analysing their psychology

Do you have a fascination for the way that criminals think and behave? This criminal psychology course brings you the opportunity to enter the mind of a criminal and understand the thought processes that some of the most famous criminals were experiencing. Dig deeper than what appears on the surface and get to the root causes of all crimes, the Criminal's psychology.

Learn from Dr. Glenn Wilson who has decades of experience in the criminal psychology field and has been an expert witness for a number of high profile cases in the UK, including the acquittal of Colin Stagg for the Wimbledon Common murder in 1992 and the conviction of Rosemary West for the Gloucester killings which occurred in 1995.

Take this course and gain an understanding of the thought process and psychology that criminals have and the impact that society has had on this. Learn what are the main causes from crime and the prevention methods that have been implemented as an attempt to decrease these figures, understand the role that prison plays as a deterrent and a rehabilitation process. This courses allows you to access the root causes for crimes committed by entering the mind of a criminal.


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Course Content


  • 48 video tutorials, PowerPoint style lectures explaining the psychology of criminals
  • A course quiz to test your knowledge of the course
  • A progressive learning experience, covering everything from the causes of crime to the rehabilitation process
  • Learn the psychology and thought processes of some of the most famous criminals ever
  • Learn from a teacher who has given expert witness in a number of high profile cases
  • Also covers body language and lie detection!¬†


Glenn Wilson
A Fellow of the British Psychological Society and appears regularly on TV and radio, particularly in news and documentary programmes.

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Criminal Psychology
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Criminal Psychology