Introduction to Psychology

This general introduction to psychology covers the social, cognitive, positive and neuroscientific elements of the science. A great way in to the topic.

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  • Course intros led by 4 Psychology experts
  • 25 videos and over 1 hour of content
  • Comprehensive introduction to the core areas of psychology
  • Learn about interesting phenomena across social, cognitive and positive psychology, plus neuroscience!
  • Designed for anyone wanting a beginners introduction to the fascinating discipline of psychology!

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Introduction to Psychology

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This general introduction to Psychology will introduce you to four popular aspects of the subject, as well as an introduction to your brain and its different aspects.

Psychology is the study of the behaviour and the mind and covers all aspects of the human experience. To study it is to study yourself.

This course will give you insights into the different schools of psychology namely:

Social Psychology
Positive Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Authenticity & Vulnerability

Also included is a short introduction to the brain itself, the very subject of your study, and an experienced neuro-cognitive and behavioural expert will guide you around the 4 parts of your brain!

Once you’ve completed the intros, you will have the chance to complete a quiz assessment and see if you qualify for the General Certificate in Psychology!