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Teresa Clyne
Teresa Clyne
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Legal & Forensic Psychology Consultant. Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth.


Teresa obtained her BA (Hons)LLB in 2005 she worked in legal investigations such as Miscarriage of Justice on behalf of clients who were either incarcerated or being charged with crimes they claimed they did not commit. She obtained a Masters in Criminology and Criminal Psychology in 2013 and has given many seminars on criminal behaviour as well as numerous TV appearances.

An Irish writer of children's fiction and adults plain English legal and forensic psychology academic books. Teresa has been a private investigator, writer, photographer and lecturer, she backpacked around Europe with her daughter, sails a lovely boat called Baby Girl and survived a scuba diving accident. A Law lecturer and Forensic Psychologist by profession Teresa moonlights as a Private "I" and Author.

Teresa is dyslexic and has great difficulty in reading and writing, and particular issues with spelling, but despite (or inpsite) of this she loves to read and write.

Teresa is as comfortable writing about magic, dragons and sorcerers as forensic psychology or the legal system. Teresa in a previous life was a photojournalist, having written for many local and national papers and magazines including the Mullingar Advertiser, Irish News Review, crime.ie and Emerald Road Racing.

Teresa loves to read and has favourites in the classics such as Ulysses by James Joyce, Oliver Twist and David Copperfield by Charles Dickens, Roddy Doyle is a long term favourite of Teresa's.