Forensic Psychology: Scientific & Practical Applications

Learn about the crucial role of the forensic psychologist in consulting, assessing, treating and profiling, in conjunction with law enforcement.

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  • This course includes 13 lectures, over an hour of video content as well as a course handbook and quiz to assess yourself.
  • This course offers a thorough look at criminal proceedings, including the trial, sentencing and appeals.
  • Gain a deeper insight into criminal law and the role of the psychologist in examining competency for trial and risk assessment.
  • Learn about profiling and the role of behavioural scientists.
  • Ideal for anyone interested in psychology and wants to learn more about criminal & forensic psychology.

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Forensic Psychology: Scientific & Practical Applications
Jeffery T.
Jeffery T. Kieliszewski
Course Tutor

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Course Facts

Course requirementsThere are no prerequsites for this course.

Course Teacher

Jeffery T. Kieliszewski

Forensic Psychologist

More Info

This Forensic Psychology Course offers an in-depth insight into psychology and the crucial role it plays in law enforcement. You will learn about criminal responsibility, competency to stand trial, guardianship and custody agreements. It will also teach you about the risk assessment procedure for violent behaviour, sexual offending as well as behavioural science and the truth behind profiling.

The instructor for the course is Dr. Kieliszewski, a licensed psychologist and specialist who offers a full range of forensic psychological services including evaluations for competency to stand trial, criminal responsibility, sex offending risk assessment, potential for violence risk assessment, juvenile competency and has also consulted for television and film production companies.

This course is suitable for anyone interested in profiling, forensic psychology, and behavioural science. You will learn about criminal psychology and how psychology is implemented in law enforcement. If you are excited to learn how the justice system works and the role of the forensic psychologist in consulting, assessing and treating, then this course is the optimal resource.