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Successful Living with Adult ADHD

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What you'll learn

Effectively manage adult ADHD through this comprehensive lifestyle approach!

Learn how to thrive with Adult ADHD with Phil Boissiere by using techniques for improved focus and success in your life. Phil's techniques have helped hundreds of people reach their ultimate potential. You will discover manageable skills that will help minimise distraction, organise your life and ultimately increase your focus. Use this course to empower yourself and finally conquer challenges in your professional and personal life!

Phil Boissiere is one of the most sought after ADHD and performance experts. He is the founder of the Silicon Valley’s premiere ADHD clinic where he and his team work with industry leaders from the world’s most innovative companies. Phil has been featured in the national media on ABC News, Good Morning America, and PBS. He has also been an expert presenter at leading academic institutions, including Northwestern University, University of San Francisco, and Palo Alto University.

This course is for those either with adult ADHD, a love one with adult ADHD, or anyone curious about the topic and wants to learn a set of skills to manage and thrive with the condition. Phil's course uses straight-forward techniques, showing you step-by-step ow to manage adult ADHD.

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Course Content


  • 26 lectures with over 1.5hrs of video content and supplementary resources!
  • Become practiced in techniques such as positive visualization that will help tackle procrastination.
  • Learn how powerful tools for planning and completing projects.
  • Deepen your understanding of how exercise and nutrition can help or hurt someone with ADHD.
  • Break the chains of ADHD in all aspects of life.


Phil Boissiere
Adult ADHD Treatment Expert

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Successful Living with Adult ADHD
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  • Lectures 26
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Successful Living with Adult ADHD