NLP Practitioner Training

Comprehensive introduction to becoming an NLP practitioner explaining and teaching the interaction between mindset and behaviour.

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Course Highlights

  • Over 5hrs of video content and over 14hrs of bonus audio content
  • 12 detailed PDF guides to NLP, covering and providing extensions to the lectures
  • Practical guide to implementing NLP in your everyday life
  • Bonus content to help a beginner start their own NLP practice

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NLP Practitioner Training

Dr Gaynor De Klerk
Dr Gaynor De Klerk, Course Teacher

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Course Facts

RequirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course

Course Teacher

Dr Gaynor De Klerk

Sunshine Academy

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Your brain is a huge pool of untapped potential ready to be unlocked by Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). With this course you will learn that you are a cause not an effect, you are responsible for how you feel, and you will learn to put yourself in control.

Your course instructor is Dr Gaynor de Perez, who holds a Doctorate in Metaphysics and has been a professional in the healing field since 1995. Her course will provide you with techniques, strategies and skills to help you to overcome the mental challenges you face in everyday life. You will learn to establish rapport, set goals and alter your behaviour so that you will be best placed to succeed.

This course is an owners manual for the brain; instead of relying on trial and error this course will provide you with videos, lectures and bonus audios that will enable you to accelerate your personal development faster than you would have ever believed!

This comprehensive introduction to becoming an NLP practitioner will allow you to learn the interaction between mindset and behaviour, and contains extensive content that will allow you to make a more positive impact in all your thinking and actions. If you think that you need lasting positive change, take this NLP practitioner course today!