Spring Cleanse: Healthy Lifestyle Bundle

Detox your body for Spring, in this health boosting Spring Cleanse, 3 course Bundle, where you will learn how to eliminate negative habits and follow a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 222 lectures, 12.5 hours of video content, supplementary handouts and quizzes to assess your learning.
  • Provides a meal plan, information on supplementation, strength training demonstrations and how to assess fitness progress.
  • Learn how to eat a nutritional balanced diet & stay healthy without cutting out your favourite foods.
  • Includes a rejuvenation programme will help you to transform your lifestyle and practical tips for healthy eating while exercising!
  • This bundle is suitable for anyone wanting to pursue a healthy lifestyle and want to detox for Spring.

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Spring Cleanse: Healthy Lifestyle Bundle
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Course Facts

Bundle requirementsThere are no prerequisites for this bundle

More Info

The first course is a fitness diploma, which provides a 4 Month strength training & cardio fitness programme, as well as a healthy protein packed meal plan and training demonstrations designed to help you lose weight and increase strength. You can transform your lifestyle through diet and exercise and become healthier and more energetic.

You will then begin to understand the world of nutrition and pursue a healthier lifestyle, free of negative habits an unhealthy foods. Discover easy-to-follow guidelines for eating a balanced diet and staying healthy. Learn how to give your body the nutrients it needs and begin to feel your best, all day long.

The naturopathy course has been designed as a rejuvenation programme that will help you to transform your lifestyle and improve your health. You will gain invaluable tips for nutritional diets that can improve health and wellbeing and ensuring that you are in the right frame of mind to make these lifestyle changes for Spring.

Fitness Diploma: Personal Training Masterclass

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Preparation

Part 3: Nutrition

Part 4: Weight Training

Part 5: Cardiovascular Training

Part 6: Leg Exercise Tutorials

Part 7: Back Exercise Tutorials

Part 8: Chest Exercise Tutorials

Part 9: Shoulder Exercise Tutorials

Part 10: Triceps Exercise Tutorials

Part 11: Biceps Exercise Tutorials

Part 12: Bodyweight Exercise Tutorials

Part 13: Abdominal Exercise Tutorials

Part 14: Supplements

Part 15: Closing

Part 16: Bonus Lectures

Nutrition: Balanced Diet & Health

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Body Composition

Part 3: Basic Nutrition Knowledge

Part 4: Blood Sugar Regulation

Part 5: Building Menu Plans: Blood Sugar Regulation in Practice

Part 6: Menu Plans for Exercise: Blood Sugar Regulation in Practice

Part 7: Sleep & Hydration

Part 8: Sustainable Balanced Diets

Part 9: Practical Advice

Part 10: More Practical Advice

Part 11: Quiz

Naturopathy Diploma: Health & Wellbeing

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Foods that Rejuvenate

Part 3: Healing the Body at a Cellular Level

Part 4: Giving your body the nutrients that it needs

Part 5: A balanced Diet

Part 6: Mindset

Part 7: Finding a balance that works for you

Part 8: The cleansing power of Naturopathic Techniques

Part 9: Conclusion and Bonus Materials