Dr. Zsuzsanna Fajcsak's Profile

CEO of Dr Zsu Health Care Pvt Ltd. Facilitator of Alive - a programme focused on integrated health

About Dr. Zsuzsanna Fajcsak

Dr. Zsuzsanna Fajcsak is an expert in helping people improve their lives. She works in 3 fields: Health & Lifestyle, Coaching & Inspiration and Education.

Dr. Zsu has a PhD in Nutrition, as well as Master’s degrees in Teaching Physical Education, Exercise Physiology and Clinical Nutrition. She is has been deemed a Certified Nutrition Specialist by the Americam College of Nutrition, and uses her expertise to help people find sustainable ways to achieve life-long health, through understanding the process of digestion and eating a nutritional diet.

She is also trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming, has a Certification in Time Line Therapy Coaching and in Functional Diagnostic Medicine, as well as being a trained Yoga teacher. All of these areas converge on her interest in the interaction between the mind and body. She finds great satisfaction in helping people understand how powerful the mind is, and its relationship with physical health.

In addition, she works as a consultant in poverty eradication aiming to utilise technology to teach small businesses through mobile surface education.

Dr. Zsu has brought these expertise together to form her Trademarked Alive programme, which teaches students about their thinking, eating, movement and how to care for their mind and body. She is truly committed to improving other people's lives, and helping them achieve sustainable and thriving health and wealth.