Positive Psychology Bundle

4 courses in 1: Learn how positive psychology can help you feel more fulfilled & confident and less anxious & self-doubtful!

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  • Includes 214 lectures, 8 hours of video content and additional activities!
  • Discover how mindfulness can stimulate you to think more positively
  • Learn how to boost your self-confidence and dispel self-doubt according to psychology
  • Become kinder to yourself and others with techniques for reducing self-criticism and anxiety
  • Perfect for anyone looking to feel better about themselves, and for people curious about how positive psychology can help!

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Positive Psychology Bundle
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This bundle will introduce you to exciting cognitive techniques developed by positive psychologists. With practical mindfulness and self-talk tricks, you'll reduce negative experiences of anxiety, depression and self-criticism. Take these courses to become a happier person, and start noticing the good in yourself and life around you!

Begin this journey of greater self kindness with "Positive Psychology: Authentic Living with Mindfulness & Vulnerability". This course will help you understand yourself better, and guide you through mindful meditations for building unbiased, authentic experiences. You'll feel more positive in your own mind and actions in no time!

"Mindful Psychology: 7 Days To Happiness" is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to living a more mindful life. Each day you'll focus on a key area of your mind, from reducing stress to acknowledging what you're grateful for. These simple practices will have huge benefits for your mental wellbeing!

In "Positive Psychology: Control Your Inner Critic" you'll learn how to silence the negative voice inside your head. First you'll develop understanding of where your inner critic comes from, and then you'll find out how to fight against it. Quieten your self-criticism and start aiming for your biggest goals yet!

"Self Confidence: Psychology & Approaches" will teach you how to control your thoughts, feelings and actions, so that you start looking and feeling more confident! Learn how to break free of negative patterns, and choose positivity instead. As you discover a whole new side of yourself, you'll become unstoppable!


Positive Psychology: Authentic Living with Mindfulness & Vulnerability

Part 1 - Hello & Welcome!

Part 2- Self Understanding: The First Steps towards Authenticity

Part 3 - Who am I?

Part 4 - Unbiased Perception – The Second Step towards Authenticity

Part 5 - Unbiased Perception – Chapter 2

Part 6 - Authentic Behaviour – The Third Step towards Authenticity

Part 7 - Authentic Relationships – The Fourth Step towards Authenticity

Part 8 - Moving Forward

Part 9 - Quiz

Mindful Psychology: 7 Days To Happiness

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Day 1 - Stress Buster

Part 3 - Day 2 - Softening the Stress

Part 4 - Day 3 - Fake it till you make it?

Part 5 - Day 4 - Be Grateful

Part 6 - Day 5 - Savouring

Part 7 - Day 6 - Let's Get Physical

Part 8 - Day 7 - Giving to Others

Part 9 - Conclusion

Positive Psychology: Control Your Inner Critic

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - All about the inner critic

Part 3 - Psychological theories about the inner critic

Part 4 - Strategies for responding to the inner critic

Part 5 - Prevention

Part 6 - Conclusion

Self Confidence: Psychology & Approaches

Part 1 - Welcome

Part 2 - Introduction to Self-Confidence

Part 3 - Introduction to Developing Confidence

Part 4 - Thoughts and Beliefs - Mindsets and Self-Doubt

Part 5 - Thoughts and Beliefs - Changing Thinking Patterns

Part 6 - Feelings - Introducing Anxiety

Part 7 - Feelings - Managing Anxiety

Part 8 - Feelings - Accepting Anxiety

Part 9 - Feelings - Using Positive Emotions

Part 10 - Behaviour - Start Small

Part 11 - Behaviour - Fake It 'Til You Make It

Part 12 - Behaviour - Long-Term Strategies

Part 13 - Social Context

Part 14 - Conclusion

Part 15 - Quiz