Become an Influencer Bundle

3 courses in 1: Master dynamic techniques designed to help you be more influential, inspiring and interesting to people in your professional and personal life!

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Course Highlights

  • Includes over 100 lectures with more than 8 hours of video content and downloadable PDFs
  • Step your business up a gear and use innovative social media techniques to expand your influence
  • Learn to lead with authenticity & integrity and become the ultimate influencer
  • Transform yourself into a captivating storyteller, and use your new skills to influence your audience
  • Ideal for anyone wanting to boost their confidence in their ability to get what they want and need from others using ethical methods

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Become an Influencer Bundle
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Being able to influence others is the key to success, so in this three course bundle, you will learn how to be a better influencer across a wide variety of situations! Whether online, in the boardroom, or in front of a live audience, you'll discover tips and tricks for winning people over. With these courses, you'll be ready to direct those around you and succeed in your goals!

"Become a Social Media Influencer" will help you and your business keep up with the fast-paced nature of the internet age. You'll learn how to harness the potential of social media to create your brand, connect with your target audience, and even secure sponsorship for your content creation. This course is perfect for anyone looking for innovative ways to influence others online!

The second course covers five amazing psychological effects that can be used to substantially increase the effectiveness of your influence over others and marketing. If you're aiming to sell more of your products or services then this course can show you tricks you may be missing out on to help you reach and persuade your audience more effectively.

Everyone loves listening to a good story, and a good storyteller can energise a room! With "The Power of Storytelling for Influence", you can become that storyteller and use it to your advantage. You'll learn how to communicate your best stories in more interesting and memorable ways, so you can keep your audience hanging off your every word!


Become a Social Media Influencer

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Getting Started

Part 3 - Branding

Part 4 - Content Creation

Part 5 - Attracting Followers

Part 6 - Sponsorship

Part 7 - Conclusion

Marketing Psychology & Influencing Customers

Part 1: Introduction To The Course - Marketing Psychology

Part 2: The Decoy Effect

Part 3: The Rule Of Reciprocity

Part 4: The Endowment Effect

Part 5: The Framing Effect

Part 6: Social Proof

Part 7: Downloadable Materials: Customer Psychology & Marketing Techniques

Part 8: BONUS - Audio Version For Your MP3 Player

Part 9: Quiz

The Power of Storytelling for Influence

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Lesson 1: The What-Why-How of Storytelling to Influence

Part 3 - Lesson 2: How to Build Your Personal Library of Stories

Part 4 - Lesson 3: Tell Your Story

Part 5 - Quiz