Career Success Bundle

Achieve the career success you deserve by boosting your technical, communication and leadership skills!

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  • Includes 93 lectures, plus 7 hours of video content and free downloadable materials!
  • Become competent and confident in Microsoft Office for work
  • Communicate more effectively using business English and professional emails
  • Manage others better by transforming into an effective and inspiring leader
  • Perfect for anyone looking to achieve their full potential at work!

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Career Success Bundle
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Everyone's career path is different, but there are a few things that successful people all have in common: they work efficiently, they communicate clearly, and they lead confidently! This bundle will help you master all three! With courses in Microsoft Office, business communication (online & offline) and people management, you'll set yourself on the path to career success!

The "Microsoft Office Essential Skills" course is just that: essential! Boost your productivity and employability with a huge variety of lessons, including spell-checking in Word, managing contacts in Outlook, generating formula in Excel and creating pitches in PowerPoint. With demonstrations and plenty of practice opportunities, you'll be a Microsoft Office pro before you know it!

"Business English & Communication" is ideal for those working with English as their second language, as well as those who are looking to fine-tune their professional communication skills. You'll memorise and understand the nuances of business English idioms, which will help you navigate both casual encounters and formal interactions with ease.

With "Business Communication: Writing Better Emails", you'll vastly improve this key professional skill! You'll be taught everything you need to know: from how to increase the likelihood of someone opening your email, to structuring a clear email that helps you get what you want! To top it off, you'll get tips on proofreading your messages, so you'll never be caught in an embarrassing situation again!

Leaders succeed, so take control of your career with "HR: Corporate Leadership & People Management". Hone your leadership skills with lessons on fostering a supportive environment, managing your team effectively, and conducting reviews of your productivity. By following this step-by-step advice, you'll be armed with a winning action plan with which to lead your team!


Microsoft Office Essential Skills

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Microsoft Office Word Essential Skills

Part 3 - Microsoft Office Outlook Essential Skills

Part 4 - Microsoft Office Excel Essential Skills

Part 5 - Microsoft Office PowerPoint Essential Skills

Part 6 - Next Steps

Part 7 - Quiz

Business English & Communication

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Start using phrasal verbs and idioms!

Part 3 - Success

Part 4 - Support

Part 5 - Jumping

Part 6 - Too easy

Part 7 - Getting tricky

Part 8 - Aggravation

Part 9 - The end

Business Communication: Writing Better Emails

Part 1 - Introduction & Course Pack

Part 2 - Email is a choice

Part 3 - Structuring Your Emails

Part 4 - Understanding Culture

Part 5 - Professionalism

Part 6 - Don’t Press Send Yet!

Part 7 - Quiz

HR: Corporate Leadership & People Management

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Prepare your environment

Part 3 - Manage your team

Part 4 - Review your results

Part 5 - Bonus videos