Business Communication: Writing Better Emails

Anyone one who writes email in their work or business needs this course. Learn how to write better emails, when to use email and how to communicate

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Course Highlights

  • Learn why and when to choose email
  • Understand how people will read your emails to help you make them more effective
  • Discover what you must avoid if you want your email to work for you
  • What is the Invisible Force that you need to take into account?
  • Keep the 7 Checks Before Pressing Send close at hand!

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Business Communication: Writing Better Emails

Judi, Course Teacher

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Emails have come to dominate professional and business life, but how effective are yours? This course will teach you when to choose email and how to use it to build your professional image, productivity and relationships.

Your instructor Judi is an experienced leader and leadership coach, whose career has included a focus on communications training with a particular emphasis on email.

Not all emails are equal and we need to write in different styles to meet different purposes. However, all good emails share the same core features and so this course covers

In addition you will also understand two key checklists to make sure your emails do you justice:

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