Email Productivity: Complete Gmail Guide

This GMail course will teach you all of the tips & tricks that will allow you to take control of your email, increasing your productivity.

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Course Highlights

  • Over 40 lectures with 2.5 hours of video content that will help you master Gmail
  • Free section specific quiz to reinforce your learning of the key concepts and skills
  • Learn how to filter messages, add multiple emails to one address, use desktop notifiers and much more!
  • Maximise your Gmail productivity & efficiency with tried and tested Gmail Life Hacks
  • Includes a Course Study Tracker to get you through the course!
  • Delegate the management of your inbox to a Gmail Assistant 

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Email Productivity: Complete Gmail Guide

Andreas Exadaktylos
Andreas Exadaktylos, Course Teacher

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Course Teacher

Andreas Exadaktylos

Excel Instructor

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This course will teach you how to become a master user of Gmail. Don't waste any time being overwhelmed by an avalanche of email, instead learn how to get maximum results on Gmail with the minimum of effort.

Your course instructor is Andreas Exadaktylos who has over 16 years experience teaching and is the founder of two online learning companies, Futurekids and Mellon Training. Andreas has designed this course to provide essential life hacks for Gmail that will save you a huge amount of time with details on how to schedule email sending, delegating the management of your inbox, archiving, deleting and many more!

Don't let your email rule your life. Take this course today to transform your use of Gmail, and make it work for you.