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Practical Reflexology Diploma

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What you'll learn

Reflexology is an ancient, natural healing modality. It is a simple and easy way to take back control of your personal health and that of your family.

Reflexology is an ancient, natural, drugless healing modality that can be used by everyone. It is a simple and easy way to take back control of your personal health and that of your family.

This course “Practical Reflexology for Family & Friends”, created by Lauren Slade a Reflexologist with 40 years’ of experience, adopts an easy and highly visual way to learn the principles and theory of Reflexology. It then teaches methods to instantly use these techniques in short and user friendly ways for all members of the average family.

You will learn how to give a full session for a regular adult, as well as specialised Reflexology sessions to Babies (even newborns), children, teenagers and seniors, together with a section on how to work with persons with disabilities. Included are Reflexology Protocols to Boost the Immune System, and as well as a list of 40 common health disorders and the specific reflexes to work to help balance the body.


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Course Content


  • 3 hours of video lectures supported by numerous PDFs to enhance your learning experience
  • 13 quizzes to take throughout the course to ensure that you are on the right lines
  • Learn techniques that you can perform on friends, family and clients
  • Download the Foot Map, showing you which areas of the feet can affect specific health issues
  • Learn how to cure different body systems by working on specific areas of the feet
  • Also, covers Hand Reflexology! 


Lauren Slade
President of the Universal College of Reflexology

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Practical Reflexology Diploma
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Practical Reflexology Diploma