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Aromatherapy & Essential Oils Advanced

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What you'll learn

Learn how to use various aromatherapy equipment and which combinations of essential oils create the best smelling bathing & massage oils, creams and candles

The world of aromatherapy is opening up to be a fascinating place. Doctors will no longer prescribe antibiotics for coughs and colds, because bugs are resistant, and yet essential oils can over power them. These same doctors are beginning to agree that many illnesses are made worse because of our emotions. Their medicines can do nothing to help this, but aromatherapy can. This is an exciting time for aromatherapy, but like any growth industry, it has become very difficult to discern fact from fiction. Just who can you believe when it comes to learning exactly what essential oils can do?

Enter The Secret Healer, also known as Elizabeth Ashley, the UK Director of the global organisation The National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists. In this course she walks the newly interested and the partly proficient, through a wonderland of ancient medicines and futuristic tales from laboratories of what each essential oil can do. (15 oils in total)

Learn how aromatherapy can improve mood, alleviate pain and even boost sexuality.¬†Discover ways to treat yourself and your loved ones confidently.¬†Avoid dangerous mistakes and wrong choices of oils by learning the basic chemistry of essential oils.¬†Become an expert in blending clinical blends and creating luxurious skin care and perfumes.¬†Understand exactly how correct dilution works and worry no longer about ‚Äúhow many drops‚ÄĚ is right in your blend.¬†Enjoy step by step tutorials on how to make your own bath salts, massage oils and creams and lotions.


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Course Content


  • Learn basic oil mixtures to create the best scents to aid massage & relaxation
  • Understand the most effective apparatus and how to use this equipment
  • Safety guidelines to ensure that you are creating safe mixtures
  • Develop your skills and learn how to create creams and bathing & massage oils
  • 6 quizzes to test your knowledge throughout the course¬†


Elizabeth Ashley
The Secret Healer, Freelance Ghostwriter for Complimentary Medicine

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Aromatherapy & Essential Oils Advanced
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Aromatherapy & Essential Oils Advanced