Self Defence Bundle

3 courses in 1: This bundle will help you grow stronger and fitter, and equip you with powerful self defence techniques so you can protect yourself and loved ones!

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Course Highlights

  • Three courses in one, with 200 lectures, over 5 hours of video content and downloadable fitness plans
  • Discover simple and effective weight training exercises to boost your strength over 8 weeks!
  • Increase your cardio fitness, power and flexibility with an intense boxing programme
  • Learn self defence techniques so that you can stay aware and assertively protect yourself!
  • Ideal for anyone looking to independently take control of their own protection, while becoming fitter and healthier in the process!

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Self Defence Bundle
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Damian Ross

Jen Puzio

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This course will empower you to feel able to protect yourself and your family! Across 3 courses, you'll not only pick up incredibly effective self defence techniques, but you'll go through a programme of strength and fitness that will ensure your new moves really have an impact! From structured self defence sequences, to intensive boxing workouts, this course will boost your sense of safety and your self confidence!

In "Beginner Weight Training: 8 Week Programme" you'll be taken guided step-by-step through an incredible weight training plan! This comprehensive plan will first introduce you to a wide range of fun exercises that effectively strengthen specific parts of the body. You'll then discover the best ways to incorporate rest days and a healthy diet into your training, to ensure you look after yourself as you boost your strength!

"Boxfit: Boxing for Health and Fitness" is an amazing introduction to the invigorating activity of Boxfit. This course will teach you easy-to-follow boxing routines, with complementary strength training exercises. By following these lectures, you'll see real benefits in your cardio fitness, endurance and muscular strength!

By the end of "Self Defence Guide: Survive Any Attack", you'll feel ready to tackle anything! Learn simple but effective moves to combat an attack from individuals or multiple attackers. Whether it be using pepper spray or putting your attacker in a powerful hold, you'll be equipped with a huge range of strategies to keep you safe!


Beginner Weight Training: 8 Week Programme

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Daily Trainer Programme: Week 1

Part 3 - Daily Trainer Programme: Week 2

Part 4 - Daily Trainer Programme: Week 3

Part 5 - Daily Trainer Programme: Week 4

Part 6 - Daily Trainer Programme: Week 5

Part 7 - Daily Trainer Programme: Week 6

Part 8 - Daily Trainer Programme: Week 7

Part 9 - Daily Trainer Programme: Week 8

Part 10 - Additional Leg Exercises

Part 11 - Additional Chest and Triceps Exercises

Part 12 - Additional Back and Biceps Exercises

Part 13 - Additional Shoulders and Abs Exercises

Part 14 - Bonus Section

Boxing: Boxfit for Health and Fitness

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Fitness Components

Part 3 - Introduction to Training Activities

Part 4 - Weight Training Exercises

Part 5 - Training Programmes

Self Defence Guide: Survive Any Attack

Part 1 - Introduction: You don't need to beat the bear

Part 2 - Awareness, Avoidance and Non-lethal Weapons

Part 3 - Striking

Part 4 - Defence against Grabs and Holds

Part 5 - Ground Fighting

Part 6 - How to Keep Your Family Safe

Part 7 - Bonus Section: Learn Police Level Striking Techniques

Part 8 - Bonus Section: Learn Police Level Holding Techniques