Mindful Psychology: 7 Days To Happiness

The 7 Days to Happiness Challenge will take you through 7 quick, easy proven and portable exercises to help you practice mindful psychology

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Course Highlights

  • 41 lectures and over 2 hours of video instruction
  • Be more mindful and implement mindful psychology in your life
  • Try out 7 reliable, easy and portable exercises that will bust your stress and boost your mood
  • Expand your tool kit of happiness tips so you can draw on them anywhere, anytime
  • Progress through the course with Jessica, who is doing the experiments as well! Who is this course for?
  • This course is designed for lovers of life, people who know they can manage their stress better and get more enjoyment out of life if they just have a few simple and reliable pointers from an expert.
  • Now that you know that the things you do can make a difference, I hope you're ready to CHOOSE HAPPINESS and come along for the ride. You DO have a choice when it comes to your own well-being!
  • Anyone who is interested in boosting their happiness 

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Mindful Psychology: 7 Days To Happiness
Kellie E.
Kellie Edwards
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Course Facts

RequirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course

Course Teacher

Kellie Edwards

Psychologist, Mindfulness Teacher and Parenting Educator

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7 Days To Happiness will take you through 7 quick, easy proven and portable exercises that bust your stress and boost your mood. The course is run by Kellie Edwards, a psychologist and mindfulness teacher who is passionate about happy lives and has been for over 25 years.

The brain has a negativity bias that can change. It can be our best friend or our worst enemy. Have you ever noticed how the smallest thing can ruin your entire day? Even if everything else about the day has been wonderful? We need a mindful psychology approach to counteract this!

Thanks to new and exciting research, it is now possible to rewire our brains. Previously, it was thought that the way we were wired was fixed and unchanging, that we were stuck with the brains we have once we reached adulthood. There is now conclusive evidence that the brain continues to change forever as a result of experience.

These techniques have been cherry-picked to give you the best that neuroscience, positive psychology and mindfulness have to offer!