Kellie Edwards

Psychologist, Mindfulness Teacher and Parenting Educator

About Kellie Edwards

Kellie Edwards is a Psychologist, Mindfulness Teacher and Parenting Educator. Kellie has developed Mindfulness-based parenting programs for local government, runs small workshops for parents, and has developed several online mindfulness based well-being and parenting programs for mothers, mothers-to-be, parents and children. She also takes on a small number of individual clients internationally over Skype and in her home town.

She interviews and works with many international experts including Tara Brach, Rick Hanson, Elisha Goldstein, Barbara Fredrickson and more.

Kellie draws from Positive Psychology and the science of flourishing, and with her unique combination of skills and her own parenting experience, works passionately with parents to help families thrive. Kellie writes regularly about Mindfulness and Parenting for The Huffington Post and PsychCentral amongst others.


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