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Self Confidence: Psychology & Approaches

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What you'll learn

Boost your Self Confidence with tips from Positive Psychology! Learn to overcome self-doubt & anxiety and find success in your personal & professional life.

Find out how to boost your Self Confidence, using scientifically proven methods from the field of Positive Psychology! Discover techniques to overcome self-doubt, and learn how to reinterpret your anxieties. You can then use your new found self confidence to become more successful in your personal and professional life!

Manuel Kraus is the founder of Good Life Foundation and his mission is to empower people to experience the best version of their lives! He holds a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology, so is an expert in using scientific research to help others improve their outlook on life and make positive changes to their behaviour.

In this course, you’ll discover psychological tricks to accepting and managing your anxiety, as well as using positive emotions to overcome negativity. You will also find out how to use power poses to boost your self confidence, and learn the benefits of role models. By learning all of these amazing techniques and more, you will become a whole new, more confident person!


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  • 3 hours of video guidance, and many thought activities to help you develop self confidence and thrive!
  • Advice that is scientifically proven to reduce thinking errors, dispel anxiety and boost confidence.
  • Learn how to create a detailed action plan with small, gradual steps to confidence!
  • Find out how your social network and new people can help you along your way. 


Manuel Kraus
CEO & Founder of Good Life Foundation

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Self Confidence: Psychology & Approaches
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Self Confidence: Psychology & Approaches