Psychology for Business & Career Success Bundle

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  • Includes 171 lectures across 11.5 hours, plus downloadable supporting materials
  • Discover amazing neuromarketing techniques for pricing and sales to boost your business revenue
  • Learn the art of persuasion by harnessing people's psychological tendencies
  • Make stronger connections with consumers and develop winning sales strategies
  • Perfect for anyone looking to tap into human nature to improve their business success!

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Psychology for Business & Career Success Bundle

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This bundle will teach you powerful psychological tricks of the trade, helping you grow your business into a real success! You'll learn what information people tend to pay attention to, and discover how to use this to frame your arguments most effectively. All this will help boost your revenue, and advance your career!

"Marketing: Price Psychology & Strategies" draws on neuroscience research to bring you advice that is proven to work! You'll be taught how to frame your prices correctly, how to present this figure, how to effectively cut prices to drive sales, and much more! With this course, you'll really understand and make the most of how your customers think.

Continue on to "Marketing Psychology & Influencing Customers" to learn more amazing psychological effects that influence consumer buying habits. Increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy with techniques like decoys, social proof and reciprocity, and start seeing your business improve!

Learn how to get what you want and advance your career with "Persuasion Psychology: Methods & Approaches". This course will help you get inside the mind of others, and give you tips on how to present a more persuasive message. By knowing and adapting to your audience, you'll finally make your voice heard!

"Become a Master of Sales Psychology" lets you into industry secrets that will help your sales soar! You'll be taught techniques like how to negotiate convincing without becoming annoying, and how to present yourself to build the customers' trust. With these methods, you'll become a master closer!


Marketing: Price Psychology & Strategies

Part 1 - Introduction to Price Psychology

Part 2 - Picking the Number

Part 3 - Presenting the Price Visually and Auditorily

Part 4 - Framing Your Price Appropriately

Part 5 - Using Context to Your Advantage

Part 6 - Smart Discounting Practices 1

Part 7 - Smart Discounting Practices 2

Part 8 - How to Handle Additional Charges

Part 9 - Conclusion

Part 10 - Quiz

Marketing Psychology & Influencing Customers

Part 1 - Introduction To The Course - Marketing Psychology

Part 2 - The Decoy Effect

Part 3 - The Rule Of Reciprocity

Part 4 - The Endowment Effect

Part 5 - The Framing Effect

Part 6 - Social Proof

Part 7 - Downloadable Materials: Customer Psychology & Marketing Techniques

Part 8 - BONUS - Audio Version For Your MP3 Player

Part 9 - Quiz

Persuasion Psychology: Methods & Approaches

Part 1 - Introduction to Persuasion Science

Part 2 - Introducing a General Model of Persuasion

Part 3 - When Will People Think About Your Message?

Part 4 - The Qualities of a Persuasive Persuader

Part 5 - Message Factors

Part 6 - Persuasion Without Messages

Part 7 - Know Your Audience

Part 8 - Persuasion When People Are Thinking

Part 9 - Getting People to Pay Attention

Part 10 - Conclusion

Part 11 - Quiz

Become a Master of Sales Psychology

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Powerful Tricks of the Trade

Part 3 - Sales Success Secrets

Part 4 - Review of Key Ideas to Making More Money in Sales Through Psychology