Book Writing For Beginners: Improving Your Prose

A Writing Course created for beginners, that will teach you how to create captivating stories and stunning prose.

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 18 lectures, over an hour of video content and engaging tutorials.
  • Learn how to apply simple rules that will significantly improve your fiction and storytelling.
  • Teaching you how to write clear prose that flows, providing an enjoyable experience for the reader.
  • Learn how to use adjectives and adverbs, active and passive voices and special punctuation.
  • A tool for budding writers wanting to create proactive page turners, stunning prose and captivating stories.

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Book Writing For Beginners: Improving Your Prose
Jim B.
Jim Bruce
Course Tutor

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Course Facts

Language English
Course requirementsThere are no prerequsites for this course

Course Teacher

Jim Bruce

Acoustic Blues Guitarist and Author

More Info

This Writing for Beginners Course has been created to help new writers write stories that flow and vastly improve their storytelling techniques. Learn how to effectively use active and passive voices, adjectives and adverbs and special punctuation. It will also cover how to avoid cliches and vague writing and how to keep the reader turning pages.

Jim Bruce, your course teacher, writes primarily in the science fiction genre. He is fascinated with the possibilities that this type of fiction brings and the craft of writing. Curiosity is the spur that drives him on to create, not just fiction, but political comment, music and poetry.

This course has been created for budding writers and novelists who want to significantly improve their writing skills. If you struggle with punctuation, phrasing and word choice; this course will provide the tuition to develop your skills and avoid stale or cliched writing. Learn how to create captivating stories and stunning prose.