Mark Glanville

Popcorn Learning Media

About Mark Glanville

Mark has specialised in online learning for the past 8 years. After joining Phones 4 U in 2001, Mark quickly forged a successful career as a learning and development generalist before establishing the company’s first online learning department in 2007. Subsequently he increased internal online usage from 100 to over 48 000 hits per month, accounting for over 67 500 hours of training a year for 5000 staff!

Following this success, Mark created training content for Apple, Samsung, HTC, Microsoft, BlackBerry, Sony, EE, Vodafone, 02, Virgin Media, BskyB.

Since leaving Phones 4 U in 2012, Mark has focused on work based learning, first at EQL Solutions, where he established social and video based learning.

Mark is passionate about learning and learning technologies.

His core belief is that tremendous real world impact can be made by successful implementing online learning, challenging the convention and continually innovating.


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