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High Intensity Fitness Bundle

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What you'll learn

This 4 course High Intensity Fitness Bundle acts as your personal trainer to help you build your strength and improve your health fitness through plyometrics, weight training and interval training.

This intensive Fitness Bundle is the perfect resource for students wanting to improve their strength and fitness levels. It includes high intensity workout sessions and a comprehensive introduction to weight training to help you improve your strength, build your core and develop a lean and healthier physique through the nutrition plans and by tracking your progress with fitness logs.

The Personal fitness diploma provides a 4 Month strength training & cardio fitness programme, as well as a healthy protein packed meal plan and training demonstrations designed to help you lose weight and increase strength. Transform your lifestyle through diet and exercise and become healthier and more energetic. You will learn about how your attitude and mindset affect your lifestyle and the benefits of cardiovascular training.

The Plyometrics course will teach you how to use the secrets of High Intensity Fitness to transform your body. Don't worry If you don't have the time to do tedious cardio workouts or gym regimes through Plyometrics you can become fit with as little as 1 hour of exercise per week!

The third course acts as an essential introduction to Weight Training. This 8 week programme contains video lectures for 56 days worth of weight training, targeting different areas of the body in each lesson in a simple, easy to follow format. It also guides you through your rest days, energy boosting foods to fuel your body for weight training and includes nutritious recipes to incorporate into your plan.

Finally, step up your game when you hit the gym or want to get more out of your home sessions, HIIT is the training for you. This popular exercise regime is based on high intensity interval training and is used by professional athletes to help them achieve peak performance. High-intensity interval training works all the major muscle groups of your body, while simultaneously giving you a full on aerobic workout.


**Fitness Diploma: Personal Training Masterclass**

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Preparation

Part 3: Nutrition

Part 4: Weight Training

Part 5: Cardiovascular Training

Part 6: Leg Exercise Tutorials

Part 7: Back Exercise Tutorials

Part 8: Chest Exercise Tutorials

Part 9: Shoulder Exercise Tutorials

Part 10: Triceps Exercise Tutorials

Part 11: Biceps Exercise Tutorials

Part 12: Bodyweight Exercise Tutorials

Part 13: Abdominal Exercise Tutorials

Part 14: Supplements

Part 15: Closing

Part 16: Bonus Lectures

**Plyometrics: High Intensity Fitness**

Part 1: Welcome

Part 2: How To Get An Amazing High Intensity Workout At Home!

Part 3: How To Start Your At Home Workouts and Get Amazing Results

Part 4: Your Plyometric Workouts for Weight Loss

Part 5: In Closing

Part 6: Bonus Section: Breaking Through Your Plateaus

**Beginner Weight Training: 8 Week Programme**

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Daily Trainer Programme: Week 1

Part 3: Daily Trainer Programme: Week 2

Part 4: Daily Trainer Programme: Week 3

Part 5: Daily Trainer Programme: Week 4

Part 6: Daily Trainer Programme: Week 5

Part 7: Daily Trainer Programme: Week 6

Part 8: Daily Trainer Programme: Week 7

Part 9: Daily Trainer Programme: Week 8

Part 10: Additional Leg Exercises

Part 11: Additional Chest and Triceps Exercises

Part 12: Additional Back and Biceps Exercises

Part 13: Additional Shoulders and Abs Exercises

Part 14: Bonus Section

Part 15: Recommended Courses

Part 16: Refer a friend and claim any course for free!

**HIIT For All: High Intensity Interval Training**

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Medicine Ball Exercises

Part 3: Kettle Bell Exercises

Part 4: Jump Rope Exercises

Part 5: Exercise Ball Routines

Part 6: Routines With Dumbbells

Part 7: Pull Up Variations

Part 8: Miscellaneous

Part 9: Step Up Exercises To Train The Lower Body

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  • Includes 305 lectures, over 8 hours of video content, course handouts, practical video demonstrations and quizzes.
  • Provides a meal plan, information on supplementation, strength training demonstrations and how to assess fitness progress.
  • Detailed workout routine and tutorials for exercises that will allow you to shed the pounds and build muscle
  • Includes a large volume of fitness exercises, to keep things fun and exciting.
  • Maximize your workouts by doing cardio and muscle training at the same time
  • Suitable for the novice to advanced level and those interested in learning how to eat clean, burn fat, and build lean muscle.


Jen Puzio
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Joe Parys
Certified Life Coach and Teacher

Jen Puzio
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Alex Genadinik
Creator of Problemio Business Apps; Business Coach

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