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Colour Therapy & Mindfulness Bundle

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What you'll learn

3 courses in 1: Reduce your stress and anxieties with mindfulness meditation and colour therapy, and start living a happier life today!

Open yourself up to the life-changing potential of mindfulness and colour therapy! Across these three courses, you'll learn that you are your greatest tool for relaxation. They will train your ability to control your breathing, focus your mind and use the wonderful colours around you, so that you can stay calm and peaceful every day!

"Mindfulness Diploma" is the perfect way to explore the wonders of mindfulness meditation. You'll first learn about the fundamental concepts of this powerful art, while the breathing techniques and mental exercises will help you control your attention with ease. With specific tips for different situations, you'll become more mindful in every area of your life!

Feel the benefits of reduced stress and anxiety with "Mindfulness for Everyday Living". In this course, you'll learn even more meditation exercises that are easy to incorporate into a busy lifestyle, so that you can become more relaxed and productive!

In "Colour Therapy", you'll discover colour's unique healing benefits. First you'll learn to apply colour therapy to aid your own recovery, and then you'll be taught how to use colour to help others. From daily wellbeing, to artistic creativity, this course in colour therapy will transform how you view the world!


**Mindfulness Diploma**

Introduction to Mindfulness Diploma

What is mindfulness?

Ego - the habit of thinking

The three key concepts of mindfulness

Mindlessness: anxiety and stress

Mindfulness and the imagination (Worry)

Compassion and boundaries

Meditation - being in the moment

Mindfulness as a therapy

Mindfulness for others

Mindfulness in the workplace

Daily mindfulness tips

**Mindfulness for Everyday Living**


Mindfulness For Everyday Living -- Practices to radically improve your life!

Bonus Section

**Colour Therapy**

Introduction: Meet Your Instructors

Using Colour in Your Daily Life

Using Colour For Healing Yourself and Others

Colour Excercises for Boosting Creativity, Manifestation, & Artistic Exploration

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  • Includes 77 lectures across 5.5 hours of video content, plus supporting PDF materials
  • Control your breath and focus your mind with mindfulness meditation
  • Reduce your stress and anxiety levels by incorporating meditation into everyday life
  • Learn how colour therapy can be healing for you and your loved ones
  • Suitable for people looking to create a less stressful and more productive life!


Krishanti Wahla
Intuitive Consultant

Padma Gordan
Psycho-spiritual counselor and mindfulness teacher.

Sharon Ramel
Teacher and Therapist

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Colour Therapy & Mindfulness Bundle
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Colour Therapy & Mindfulness Bundle