Overcoming Anxiety Bundle

4 course in 1: Discover a huge range of strategies to use to free yourself from anxiety!

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 134 lectures with over 7.5 hours of video content, downloadable handouts and audio meditations
  • Discover how Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Self-Hypnosis can help reduce your anxieties
  • Learn the psychology of anxiety and how to identify your own underlying causes
  • Find out how to empower yourself to thrive in social occasions and other anxiety-inducing situations
  • Perfect for anyone who is looking for powerful techniques to fight their anxiety or ease the anxieties of loved ones

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Overcoming Anxiety Bundle
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Now is the time for self-enhancement, and what better way to improve than to shake free from your anxieties? This four course bundle presents a wide variety of methods for understanding and combating your anxious thoughts. Learn how to overcome your fears and lead a more empowered life!

"NLP: Managing Fear & Anxiety" will teach you what Neuro-Linguistic programming is, and how it can help you fight back against your fearful experiences. Control your fight or flight urges with fear response management techniques and guided audio meditations. Grounded in scientific knowledge, this course will release you from the grip of fear!

Build better relationships with others with "Overcoming Social Anxiety". You'll be taught healthy ways to prepare for social occasions and even learn how to conquer the art of public speaking! Overall, you'll come away feeling more comfortable and confident in yourself!

"Overcome Anxiety: Psychology & Approaches" will help you understand the psychological and physiological root of your anxieties, and equip you with skills to override these negative patterns. Discover how guided and self-generated meditations can relax you, and how true recovery starts with acceptance!

Learn even more techniques in "Overcome Anxiety: 10 Powerful Ways to Reclaim Your Life". Find out when it might be best to surrender, stand resolved or fight back against your fears. With such a wide range of tools, this holistic course will help everyone find an effective technique that suits them!


NLP: Managing Fear & Anxiety

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Fear: The Subjective Experience

Part 3 - The Science of Fear

Part 4 - Fear Response Management Techniques

Part 5 - Guided Imagery and NLP Audio Programs

Part 6 - Quiz

Overcoming Social Anxiety

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Understanding Social Anxiety

Part 3 - Preparation for an event or party

Part 4 - What to do at an event or party

Part 5 - Boost Your Confidence!

Part 6 - Public Speaking

Part 7 - Effectively Transform your Social Anxiety

Part 8 - Conclusion

Overcome Anxiety: Psychology & Approaches

Part 1 - Who Am I To Teach You about Anxiety?

Part 2 - Introduction to Understanding About How to Overcome Anxiety

Part 3 - The First Step towards Overcoming Anxiety

Part 4 - How To Do the Course

Part 5 - What You Really Need to Know about Anxiety

Part 6 - Now You Understand It - What You Have to Do to Get Rid of It.

Part 7 - The Feelgood Part and Mindfulness

Part 8 - Bonus Lecture

Overcome Anxiety: 10 Powerful Ways to Reclaim Your Life

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - “Un-Freezing” Your Response System

Part 3 - Benefits of Getting the Subconscious Mind on Board

Part 4 - Cleansing Your Energy

Part 5 - Surrender Negative Feelings

Part 6 - The Simple Tool with Incredible Power

Part 7 - Energy Point for Balance and Fear

Part 8 - Connect Mind, Body and Spirit

Part 9 - Pick a Rock

Part 10 - Identifying the Inner Child

Part 11 - Take a Brain Break

Part 12 - Conclusion