New Year, New You Bundle

4 courses in 1: Achieve greater success by rejuvenating your physical & psychological health this new year!

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  • Includes 178 lectures, over 11 hrs of video, and a comprehensive 157 page Health & Nutrition e-book!
  • Reach your physical goals with personalised healthy meal and exercise plans!
  • Become more organised, assertive and productive at work and home
  • Transform your mindset with positive psychology practices like mindfulness meditation!
  • Ideal for anyone who wants to thrive this year with better lifestyle habits!

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New Year, New You Bundle
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Make this the year that you set goals, and actually achieve them! This bundle will give you the tools you need to reach your full potential. From improved health, to more productive habits and a sunnier outlook on life, these courses will make this your best year yet!

The new year is the perfect time to reassess your eating choices, and "Diet Plan: Become Your Own Nutritionist" helps you do just that! Find out how to create healthy, balanced meal plans tailored to your likes and lifestyle. Treat your body to the nutritious food it needs, and you'll feel the benefits right away!

"Life Mastery Skills for Personal & Professional Success" will help you battle your bad habits with lectures on goal setting, self-discipline, organisation and time management. Learn how to develop more positive attitudes, and make the most out of your relationships with others. This course will help you realise your career and personal goals!

Discover the real you with "Positive Psychology: Authentic Living with Mindfulness & Vulnerability". This course will teach you psychological techniques for better perception and introspection, so that you can cut through the facade you present to others and start living your most authentic life.

"Health & Fitness: The Fundamentals" takes a holistic approach to your physical wellbeing. You'll get lectures on exercises and nutrition, as well as stress management and managing your self-image. This course is your best route to sustainable positive change this year!


Diet Plan: Become Your Own Nutritionist

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - "All About the Body"

Part 3 - "All About the Food"

Part 4 - "Your Own Food Plan"

Part 5 - Quiz

Life Mastery Skills for Personal & Professional Success

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Goals

Part 3 - Reducing Whats Not Important

Part 4 - Self Discipline

Part 5 - Getting Organised

Part 6 - Positive Attitude

Part 7 - Assertiveness

Part 8 - Influencing Others

Part 9 - Conclusion

Positive Psychology: Authentic Living with Mindfulness & Vulnerability

Part 1 - Hello & Welcome!

Part 2 - Self Understanding: The First Steps towards Authenticity

Part 3 - Who am I?

Part 4 - Unbiased Perception – The Second Step towards Authenticity

Part 5 - Unbiased Perception – Chapter 2

Part 6 - Authentic Behaviour – The Third Step towards Authenticity

Part 7 - Authentic Relationships – The Fourth Step towards Authenticity

Part 8 - Moving Forward

Part 9 - Quiz

Health & Fitness: The Fundamentals

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - The Power to Change

Part 3 - The Right Habits

Part 4 - The Truth About

Part 5 - Making Some Adjustments

Part 6 - How To

Part 7 - Don't Stress Out

Part 8 - You Are Not Alone

Part 9 - Putting it All Together

Part 10 - Conclusion