Diet Plan: Become Your Own Nutritionist

Learn how to become your own nutritionist and develop your own bespoke diet plan that will allow you to maintain a healthy weight

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  • 35 lectures with over 4 hours of video content and supporting PDFs
  • Become an expert in nutrition that will allow you to create your own healthy meals and bespoke diets
  • Learn how to create a healthy food plan that will help you maintain a healthy weight
  • Learn how to identify & avoid unhealthy prepackaged food
  • Understand and learn to deal with cravings 

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Diet Plan: Become Your Own Nutritionist
Tatiana K.
Tatiana Kelsh
Course Tutor

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Course Facts

RequirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course

Course Teacher

Tatiana Kelsh

Professional trainer specializing in health and wellbeing

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This course will teach you how to become your own nutritionist and make your own bespoke healthy diet plan. You will learn how to tailor your diets to your own nutritional needs and personal tastes, and will never have to rely on expensive & inefficient off-the-shelf diets and plans to be healthy again.

Your course instructor Tatiana Kelsh is an experienced nutritionist and has been training people and teaching health and wellness since 2010. She has designed this course with women specifically in mind, taking into account the gender differences in storing and burning fat. She will teach you how to identify prepacked unhealthy foods, design bespoke meal plans, and has included a well-organised and easy-to-follow 8 step program "The Healthy Lean Body" to help you become healthier.

Take this course today to get the healthy, lean body that you deserve by becoming your own nutritionist!