New Home Bundle

3 courses in 1, this bundle will help you set up your perfect new home! You'll learn how to decorate it beautifully and create an incredibly cosy atmosphere using Hygge techniques.

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Course Highlights

  • Access to 140 lectures and 11.5 hours of video content
  • Discover how to creatively use colours, materials and space to create your ideal home
  • Improve your technical skills with lectures on drawing and interior design computer programmes
  • Learn the spiritual techniques of Hygge and turn your home into a calming space that enriches your life
  • Perfect for anyone looking to rejuvenate their home or create the perfect living space from scratch!

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New Home Bundle

Mohammad Ala Tahhan
Mohammad Ala Tahhan, Course Teacher

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Course requirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course

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Whether you recently moved home, or simply want to inject some life back into your current home, then this three-course bundle is for you! You'll discover amazing decorating techniques that will transform the look and feel of every room in the house. Using the advice in these courses, you'll turn your home into the perfect space for you!

"Introduction to Interior Design" will guide you through basic to advanced concepts of interior design, including how you should use and then decorate each space. You'll also develop your technical skills, with lectures on drawing techniques like isometric and perspective, as well as lessons on using Computer Aided Design Software. You'll be able to put all this together to create rooms that are exactly how you imagined!

In "Hygge: Create a Cosy Inner Haven", you'll discover the Swedish rituals that aim to turn your own into a tranquil oasis in the midst of a busy and hectic world. Not only will you learn practical tips for making your new home relaxing and cosy, but you'll also be taught how to create calm in your own thoughts and actions. This course will help bring the atmospheres of home and your mind into alignment, to allow you to live a happier and more fulfilled life!

The final course will help you to update your garden and create a professionally designed garden all on your own! This is the perfect course for those who enjoy DIY type work or if you are looking to create a design for your garden to ensure that you get exactly what you want from your landscape gardeners.


Introduction to Interior Design

Part 1 - Intro - Definitions

Part 2 - Interior Design Basic Knowledge

Part 3 - Interior Design Advanced Knowledge

Part 4 - Technical Drawing

Part 5 - CAD Basic Use (Computer Aided Design Software Basic Use)

Part 6 - Sample Interior Design Project 10 Steps (Step by Step)

Part 7 - Conclusion - Outro

Part 8 - Quiz

Hygge: Create a Cosy Inner Haven

Part 1 - Lets Us Start Hygge - motion

Part 2 - Hygge Be The Best You

Part 3 - Hygge Home and Community

Part 4 - Hygge Dream

Landscape & Garden Design

Part 1 - Course Introduction

Part 2 - What is Good Design?

Part 3 - Steps for Creating Your Custom Garden Design

Part 4 - Custom Design: From Paper to Pro

Part 5 - BONUS Content

Part 6 - Quiz

Part 7 - Course Resources