John Farlam

CEO & Founder of SmartDriving

About John Farlam

Training principal and founder of SmartDriving, John Farlam – leading driver training expert and much reveblue ‘Guru’ – has developed a ‘Success Based’ coaching model and has been delivering ‘MasterClasses’ to the industry helping driving instructors and Driving Instructor Training companies develop the industry’s leading trainers.

John has been involved in many of the major Driving Schools and Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) trainers in the UK and has produced training literature for companies like LDC, LetsDrive, The Instructor College, and many, many more driving schools. – Over 4000 driving schools in the UK regularly use SmartDriving’s training and coaching.

Over the years, SmartDriving has rescued many trainee instructors that have been let down by their training company. With many other companies, poor standards and a focus on making money and cost saving mean the customer suffers.


This course will help you pass your driving test by teaching theory & hazard perception, as well as practical help for safe driving & completing manoeuvres

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