Landscape & Garden Design

Are you wanting to update your garden? Then why not take this garden design course and learn how to create a professionally designed garden all on your own

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Course Highlights

  • 31 easy-to-follow lectures, teaching you the fundamentals for garden design
  • Be clear on when it is best to DIY or seek professional advice & gain ideas of the best garden designs and how to make the most efficient use of garden space
  • Follow the step by step lecture process for achieving your custom garden design
  • Learn what works and what doesn't in your garden and what time of year to work on it 
  • This course is Ideal for people who enjoy DIY, those who enjoy gardening and are seeking to improve their gardens, and those who enjoy home improvement projects

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Landscape & Garden Design
Linda K.
Linda Kelso
Course Tutor

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Course Facts

RequirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course

Course Teacher

Linda Kelso

Owner & Designer at LK Landscape Design

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Are you wanting to update your garden, but don't know where to start? Then why not take this garden design course and learn how to create a professionally designed garden all on your own! This is the perfect course for those who enjoy DIY type work or if you are looking to create a design for your garden to ensure that you get exactly what you want from your landscape gardeners.

Linda Kelso has created this course to help you understand garden design basics and demonstrate how to put your plans for the garden into practise. Linda's aim is to provide you with ideas for your garden that will fit your lifestyle, but also provide food and shelter for local wildlife. The legalities of garden design and creation will also be covered, so that there is no confusion about what you can and can't do with your garden.

Join this course and learn how to create your own customized garden or landscape design. Understand when it is sensible to DIY and when you should hire a professional to work on your garden, also how to communicate your garden ideas to the professionals.