Family Fun Bundle

3 courses in 1: Bring the whole family together with relaxing yoga, creative storytelling and positive behavioural interactions!

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 203 lectures with over 8 hours of video content and supplementary downloadable material!
  • Get your kid active and focused with musical yoga activities!
  • Make your story ideas a reality and create your very own children's book
  • Understand how to better engage with your child and improve their discipline
  • Perfect for parents, carers or educators looking for fun ways to entertain and interact with children!

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Family Fun Bundle
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Bari Koral
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This bundle will help keep the family fun going all year round! You will learn to form closer bonds with your children through musical yoga and by reading them your very own bedtime stories. These activities, plus the positive parenting tips, will transform your family's day-to-day interactions!

"Yoga for Children: Music & Activities" turns yoga into a fun experience that everyone can share in! You'll be taught the benefits of yoga for your child, as well as calming breathing and stretching routines for them to try. Discover how physical and musical components can be combined into highly specialised yoga that will keep your child totally engaged!

Unlock your own creativity and share your talents with "Writing Storybooks For Children". This course will first help you explore the themes and plots of existing children's literature, and will then guide you through creating your own exciting tale! You'll even be taught how to print your book so you can take storytelling up a level!

"Learn to Speak Kid: Overcome Behaviour Disorder Through Parenting" will help you understand and connect with your child, improving their behaviour along the way. You'll learn key differences between adult and child decision-making processes, how to effectively use reward and punishment, and how to foster productive question-response interactions. With these tips, parenting doesn't always have to be an uphill battle!


Yoga for Children: Music & Activities

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - The Yoga Philosophy

Part 3 - Games, Tools and Techniques

Part 4 - The Songs and Lessons

Part 5 - Cool Down and Relaxation

Writing Storybooks For Children

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Exploring Children's Literature

Part 3 - Writing Your Own Children's Book

Part 4 - Getting Into Print

Learn to Speak Kid: Overcome Behaviour Disorder Through Parenting

Part 1 - Know your role as a parent

Part 2 - Know your role as a parent (Chapter 2)

Part 3 - Parent’s Brain v Kid’s Brain

Part 4 - Parent’s Brain v Kid’s Brain (Chapter 2)

Part 5 - Creating the Right Environment

Part 6 - Creating the Right Environment (chapter 2)

Part 7 - Making the Transition

Part 8 - Making the Transition (chapter 2)

Part 9 - Guiding Behaviour v Punishment

Part 10 - Guiding Behaviour v Punishment (chapter 2)

Part 11 - Know the reward

Part 12 - Know the reward (chapter 2)

Part 13 - Parents Make Decisions; Children Make Choices

Part 14 - Parents Make Decisions; Children Make Choices (chapter 2)

Part 15 - Asking Questions v Dictating

Part 16 - Asking Questions v Dictating (chapter 2)

Part 17 - Question and Quantify

Part 18 - Question and Quantify (chapter 2)

Part 19 - Complaining

Part 20 - Complaining (chapter 2)

Part 21 - Nutrition

Part 22 - Nutrition (chapter 2)

Part 23 - Linguistics

Part 24 - Linguistics (chapter 2)

Part 25 - Quiz