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Happy Pet, Happy You Bundle

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What you'll learn

3 courses in 1: Learn how to properly care for your furry friends and discover tips for self-improvement along the way!

This bundle will help you find the ultimate connection with your animal companion! Learn how to better understand their thought processes, behaviour and discover how to best care for their emotional and physical needs.

"Animal Care: Dog Whispering & Pet Nutrition" will enhance how you listen to your pet's needs and help you provide a better, more balanced diet for them. With a particular focus on cats and dogs, you'll become an expert at understanding and caring for your animals!

In "Animal Healing & Communication Diploma", you'll learn how to really support your animals' wellbeing. You'll be taught how to communicate telepathically with your pets, balance their subtle energies, invigorate their chakras, and meditate with them. Treat your pets to these incredible healing practices!

'Animal Behaviour: Obedience & Health' helps you learn new training techniques to improve behaviour and maintain your pets health by reading body language & symptoms.


**Animal Care: Dog Whispering & Pet Nutrition**

Part 1 - Course Introduction

Part 2 - An Introduction Into Natural Dog Whispering

Part 3 - Understanding The Canine Species

Part 4 - Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition

Part 5 - How To Safely Make The Switch To A Raw Meaty Bones Diet

Part 6 - Bonus Lectures: Real Life Case Study

**Animal Healing & Communication Diploma**

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Meditation

Part 3 - Subtle Energies

Part 4 - Methods of Healing

Part 5 - SAPH (Spiritual Animal Healers' Program)

Part 6 - Basic Needs

**Animal Behaviour: Obedience & Health**

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Animal Behaviour

Part 3 - Reading Body Language

Part 4 - Recognising Pain in Your Pet

Part 5 - Vaccines

Part 6 - Diseases of Concern

Part 7 - Medical Options

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  • Includes 122 lectures, over 7.5 hours of video instruction, audio meditations files, and 2 course e-books!
  • Enhance your communication skills with your pets through dog whispering, animal reiki and more
  • Feed your pets nutritious meals, and treat their illnesses with natural remedies
  • Become a master of your Pet's behaviour by being able to read their body language
  • Great for anyone who lives or works with animals and wants to improve their caring abilities!


Nikki Brown
Natural Dog Whisperer

dr-gaynor-du-perez Dr.
Accredited by the Complementary Medical Association

Jeff Grognet
Pet Behaviour & Animal Health Instructor at Academy for Canine Educators (ACE)

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Happy Pet, Happy You Bundle
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Happy Pet, Happy You Bundle