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Pet Behaviour & Animal Health Instructor at Academy for Canine Educators (ACE)

About Jeff Grognet

I began teaching over 25 years ago. It all began with a single course for veterinary assistants. I now have four. I then created a course for pet sitters, helping them create the most successful business they could. As of 2016, over 22,000 students have taken these courses and they are still gaining in popularity. In the last few years, I've helped develop the courses you can explore on this website.

I became a veterinarian in 1983 and opened a practice with my wife Louise (also a veterinarian) in 1995. Since then, we've specialized in caring for cats and dogs. Each and every day, working with other people's pets continues to be challenging and fun. And yes, our home is filled with animals.

I've been a regular contributor to several pet magazines and newspapers and have contributed over a thousand articles over the years. Many magazines like the AKC Gazette and the CKC Dogs in Canada are gone, but you can still see my articles in the AKC Family Dog.

The ACE courses came about because I realized that there are lots of people who want to use the best methods to train and modify the behavior of our four-legged friends. If you are one of them, you are passionate about animals and you could thrive in this field.

Because I'm a veterinarian, I look at animals and their care with a slightly different perspective than you will as a trainer or behaviorist. I like to add in animal care tips to the courses as well as the core behavior material. This comprehensive approach is what sets ACE instructors apart from other education groups.