ILP: Integral Life Practice

This Integral Life Practice course will help you develop a new way of thinking, increase your capacity for intelligence and pursue your goals.

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Course Highlights

  • Includes over 2 hours of video content, 44 lectures and a quiz to assess yourself.
  • Learn how to develop a revolutionary new way of thinking
  • Learn how you can feel empowered and not overwhelmed.
  • Develop an inner strength and put yourself in the right state of mind to accomplish your goals.
  • This course is the ideal companion for anyone interested in developing a new way of thinking, to accomplish your dreams.

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ILP: Integral Life Practice

David Landau
David Landau, Course Teacher

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Course Facts

Course Requirements There are no prerequisites for this course

Course Teacher

David Landau

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Imagine the ability to increase your capacity for intelligence, manage stress effortlessly, and generate new ideas without much thought. This course will cover five of the biggest mindset shifts that uber-successful people have adopted in their own lives. Learn how to design your life and recognise your own self-limiting beliefs to success improving every aspect of your life.

This course is co-taught by David Landau and Adam Leonard. David is a serial entrepreneur, starting his own company at 19 and provided 1-on-1 coaching in spiritual development and life success. Adam B. Leonard is an educator, business consultant, author, entrepreneur, adventurer, and, of course, ILP practitioner.

This course is suitable for anyone looking for personal development. You will need to have a good sense of yourself and your negative self-reinforcing behaviors. This course is not a shortcut to success, rather you will develop your psyche skills, helping to gain better decision-making skills and people skills through this course.