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Set & Achieve Your Goals Bundle

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What you'll learn

This 3 course, goal setting bundle will help you to set realistic goals and show you to a create life plan focused on achieving them.

In the life planning course, you will learn how to create a clear life plan and goal tracker that will enable to you gain clarity and structure in your life targets and ambitions. You will be introduced to the Life Compass tool which will help you take a holistic approach to your Life Plan and enable you to create realistic and productive life goals and adapt the life compass technique to monitor your progress on achieving them.

The Success Habits Course will teach you how to increase your inner motivation, achieve your goals and your chance of wealth. It will define what success is and provide you with the success habits from some of the most successful people on earth. It will also guide you on how to deal with failure and develop a successful mindset.

Finally, the NLP course will help you develop a vision for what you want in life and will then teach you how to motivate yourself to consistently act on this vision. Learn to structure your goals and find out what it is that you truly want from life and how you can achieve these goals through a number of NLP techniques


**Life Plan: Create a Goal Tracker**

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Principles and Guidance

Part 3: DEMO videos: How to Use the Life Compass

Part 4: Quiz

**Success Habits For Professional Development**

Part 1: Top Habits Of Extremely Successful People

Part 2: Even More Top Habits Of Extremely Successful People

**NLP: Setting & Achieving Goals**

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: The Principles

Part 3: NLP Outcomes

Part 4: Putting Everything Together

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  • Includes 49 lectures, over 4 hours of video content and supplementary material.
  • You will develop a successful mindset and be able to define what success is.
  • Gain control over your life and ensure you take action where it really matters
  • Change your sub modalities to increase motivation and have greater control over your behaviour
  • This bundle is ideal for anyone who lacks a sense of purpose in their life and are looking to become more productive


Greg Henriques,
Founder of WeGrow Coaching, Global IT Business Partner at SABMiller

Ken Wells
Self-Realisation Coach

Vladimir Raykov
Online Instructor, Blogger and Author

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Set & Achieve Your Goals Bundle
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Set & Achieve Your Goals Bundle