Look Your Best Bundle

Learn how to highlight your natural beauty, accentuate your assets and effortlessly look and feel like your best self in 4 beautifying courses!

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 207 lectures, 14 hours of video content, supplementary handouts and quizzes to promote your learning experience.
  • Learn how to do unique nail designs and the skills and techniques to create your own.
  • Learn how to create quick and effortless styles, to ensure your hair looks its best, even when you're running late.
  • Be able to apply beautiful makeup looks to a professional standard, even when in high pressure situations.
  • Learn how to pick the flattering colours and styles and accessorize correctly

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Look Your Best Bundle
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An essential beauty bundle that will teach you how to emphasize and embellish your natural assets and effortlessly look like your best self.

The Hair styling course will enable you to create beautiful and unique hairstyles for every hair length, type and face shape, while using simple methods and straightforward techniques. You will also learn how to protect your hair when styling, ensuring it stays nourished and defended from heat and harsh chemicals.

The Nail Art Course will help you broaden your nail art skills to allow for professional level designs. Get ready for some manicure magic as you learn nail art designs for every situation. This easy to follow course will provide you with the necessary skills to create amazing nail art designs for all seasons and special occasions throughout the year.

You will then be guided by video demonstrations of all the key aspects of hair and makeup techniques, as well as being shown how to adapt your techniques for specific scenarios and events - like weddings for example. You will also learn the styling techniques for everyday use as well as looking at dealing with time pressure tips for creating beautiful makeup in a short space of time!

Finally, in the Fashion Styling for Women Course, you will learn how to consistently be the best dressed women in the room. You will receive professional advice for choosing your best looks in both professional and personal life and discover what styles are figure flattering for every shape and size.


Professional Hair & Makeup Artistry

Part 1: Welcome!

Part 2: Getting Started

Part 3: Half and Half Demonstrations

Part 4: Demonstrations of Hairstyles

Part 5: Top Tips

Part 6: Recommended Courses

Nail Art Technician

Part 1: Introduction to the Course

Part 2: Salon Viable Lessons: Perspective in Pigment

Part 3: Salon Viable Lessons: Doodle Art

Part 4: Salon Viable Lessons: Flower Power

Part 5: Salon Viable Lessons: Further Designs

Part 6: Hand Painted Lessons: Blue Flowers in Pigment

Part 7: Hand Painted Lessons: Lost in Time

Part 8: Hand Painted Lessons: Underwater

Part 9: Hand Painted Lessons: The Parrot

Part 10: Hand Painted Lessons: Abstract

Part 11: Water Colour Lessons: Basics

Part 12: Water Colour Lessons: Feather & Blue Flowers

Part 13: Seasonal Lessons: Halloween Designs

Part 14: Seasonal Lessons: Christmas Designs

Part 15: Seasonal Lessons: Easter

Part 16: Seasonal Lessons: Further Designs

Hair Styling Techniques for Men & Women

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Face Shape for Women

Part 3: Shampooing

Part 4: Hairstyle Preparation

Part 5: Creating Different Hair Styles

Part 6: Setting Your Styles

Part 7: Dressing Your Styles

Part 8: Bonus: Face Shape for Men

Part 9: Bonus: Mustaches and Beards

Part 10: Quiz - Hairstyles

Part 11: Recommended Courses

Fashion Styling for Women

Part 1: Welcome

Part 2: Wardrobe Detox

Part 3: Colour Dressing Made Easy

Part 4: Shape Your Life

Part 5: Accessorizing: Here's all the Facts

Part 6: Effortless Shopping

Part 7: Bonus Material