Animal Healing & Communication Diploma

Have you ever wished you could understand what your pet was thinking? Take this Animal healing & communication course to better understand your pet

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  • 15 Video Lessons and 11 Audio Meditations
  • 250-page comprehensive manual
  • Spiritual Animal Healer Attunement Program - 6 levels
  • Case study and intake form outline
  • Covers Gestalt Method and Animal Reiki!
  • Unlimited e-mail support with Drs Gaynor du Perez and Emma Bisschoff 

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Animal Healing & Communication Diploma
Dr. G.
Dr. Gaynor De Klerk
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Course Facts

RequirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course

Course Teacher

Dr. Gaynor De Klerk

Accredited by the Complementary Medical Association

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Our pets (and other animals) know how to communicate with us. Have you ever wished you could understand what your pet was thinking? Telepathy with animals is a learned skill, reconnecting us with the ability we were all born with: to engage instinctively with animals and the natural world around us. Too often we lose touch with that sensitivity as we grow up.

The first part of the course helps you to rediscover that amazing connection with the animals as you learn how to communicate with them telepathically. Gaynor will then take you even more up close and personal, as you learn the “be the animal” (aka Gestalt) method, and give healing to the animals with your chosen method/s of healing.

This course is designed to help you learn to communicate with your pets and other animals on the emotional, mental, and telepathic level, as well as how to perform animal healing at a professional level. This course brings enlightenment and knowledge on how animals communicate, what animals think and feel, telepathic abilities: seeing, hearing, knowing, sensing, feeling (physical and emotional), understanding and affirming your innate communication abilities, centeredness and opening to receive, and more.

Join this course and learn to interact with animals on a whole new level!