Happiness & Healing Bundle

3 courses in 1: Heal your wounds and achieve happiness with empowering methods for forgiveness, healthy attachment and self-mastery!

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 66 lectures, 7 hours of video content and downloadable course materials
  • Increase your functionality by learning how to forgive and let go of grudges
  • Master Shenpa (the Tibetan term for attachment) and free yourself to create positive habits
  • Discover self-empowerment strategies to take control of your own wellbeing
  • Perfect for anyone looking to improve their wellbeing & productivity, and lead a full & free life

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Happiness & Healing Bundle
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Course Facts

Course requirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course

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In this 3 course bundle, you will learn incredible skills to help you heal and be happy! From the power of forgiveness, to the Tibetan practice of shaking off negative habits, these courses will give you a new lease on life! You'll learn how to make these changes come from within, allowing you to experience sustained happiness from here on out!

"Unlock Your Potential With The Power Of Forgiveness". This first course will teach you how to let go of bad feelings and learn to truly forgive people. You'll learn how grudges can negatively impact your life, and you'll be taught impressive tricks to transform your habits. With better thought and behavioural patterns, you'll feel like a whole new person!

In "Pema Chödrön: The Freedom to Choose" you'll discover how to form healthy attachments (known in Tibet as Shenpa) and make positive choices. Learn how to truly start afresh after setbacks, using powerful meditative techniques. By being kind to yourself and others, you'll be free to lead a fulfilling existence!

With "Self-Mastery: Strategies for Life Fulfilment" you'll learn how to bring strength back to your life! Using the healing benefits of water, cleaning, gratitude and meditation, you'll feel empowered to make meaningful change. Experience true personal growth with these incredible self-mastery strategies!


Unlock Your Potential With The Power Of Forgiveness


How grudges and forgiveness affect your daily life.

Practicing forgiveness; changing your brainwaves

Methods and Practices

Course Quiz

Pema Chödrön: The Freedom to Choose

Introduction to the Course

Session 1: The Three Difficult Practices & Positive Groundlessness

Session 2: Shenpa and the Power of the Pause

Session 3: Sewing the Seeds of Freedom

Session 4: Being Kind to Yourself

Session 5: Choosing a Fresh Alternative

Self-Mastery: Strategies for Life Fulfilment



Cleaning up


Meditation and development