Kristen Becker

University professor and researcher.

About Kristen Becker

Hi I'm Kristen, I teach people to raise their vibration to the higher love frequencies (as well as the collective conscious- go team!) using transpersonal psychology.

Transpersonal psychology integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology. I am honored to be able to use my 20 years of experience in higher education and curriculum development to create courses to help others rise to their higher selves through the proven method of experiential learning.

After extensive study and exploration of spiritual development and metaphysics I turned my attention to neurosciences, psychology and understanding the inner workings of the subconscious mind, quantum physics, and the process of changing our own belief models. After years of research, study and real life experiments I have come to realize the beauty and potential of the balance between all of these for creating a life that speaks to the soul.

We now know that when you replace dis-empowering belief models with empowering ones, your life changes at a rapid pace! Enhancing and Using our right brain, intuitive understanding of the rhythms of the universe, along with our left brain understanding of how our minds work we can create rapid change in our lives. I am honored to apply my experience in creating & delivering award winning educational experiences and this knowledge to create courses and audio products to help others.


Discover how to influence your telomeres to activate powerful, natural anti-aging and boost health and vitality.


This transpersonal psychology course will teach you how to foster your own self love and become empowered to achieve your goals, using a practical, hands on approach.


4 courses in 1: Discover the secrets to maintaining a good mental and physical quality of life as you age!


3 courses in 1: Heal your wounds and achieve happiness with empowering methods for forgiveness, healthy attachment and self-mastery!


3 Courses in 1: A Health and Vitality Bundle that will teach you how to influence your telomeres to activate powerful anti-aging properties while following a nutritious diet and fat-burning workout regime.


Learn how to use the phenomenal power of forgiveness to free yourself from grudges, enhance your mental performance and achieve your full potential.