Dashama Konah

Founded Pranashama Yoga Institute

About Dashama Konah

Dashama is a published author, athlete and multi-media producer with 23 instructional DVDs, multiple ebooks and audio programs distributed internationally through walmart.com, bestbuy.com, barnes&noble.com, and target.com. A youtube phenomenon, her online TV channel on has grown to over 10 million viewers and 56,000+ subscribers. She is also the creator of Pranashama Yoga Institute,Perfect 10 Lifestyle and 30 Day Yoga Challenge.


This 3 course, Yoga and Bodyweight Training Bundle is designed to help you achieve the body you desire by providing you with proven programmes that will make you feel healthier and fitter in no time.


  87 students

If you're ready for a major breakthrough in your life, then this is the yoga course for you. Covering breathing, poses, exercises and all you need to know!


  1017 students