12 Week Vegan and Vegetarian Cooking Course

A 12-week Vegan & Vegetarian Cooking course that will teach you the fundamental skills and the best techniques to use in vegan and vegetarian cooking.

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Course Highlights

  • 12 weeks of tuition, with weekly videos, course booklets, recipes and assignments.
  • Learn about the best nutrient-rich ingredients to provide you with the necessary vitamins for a vegan diet.
  • Learn how to create fast, easy and nutritious meals for the whole family through in depth demonstrations.
  • Assessments include: Assignments, Essays, Coursework, Multi Choice Quizzes
  • This course is suitable for students interested in learning vegan and vegetarian cooking and pursuing a healthier lifestyle.
  • Please note: Minimum 10 hrs study per week is recommended to pass this course

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12 Week Vegan and Vegetarian Cooking Course

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Course Facts

Course requirements There are no prerequisites for this course.
Course Length12 Weeks

More Info

This 12 week Vegan and Vegetarian Course will teach you the essential cooking skills and techniques for vegan and vegetarian cooking, as well as all of the nutrition and dietary information required when leading a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. In just 12 weeks, you will learn how to create delicious and nutrient dense meals for your whole family.

Angela Poch, your course tutor graduated in Nutritional Counseling from the Total Health School of Nutrition in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She has also been a certified depression recovery director for over 10 years and holds a certificate in lifestyle matters. Angela continues to research mental and physical health and uses her 35 years of cooking experience to create vegetarian and dietary courses.

This 12 week course. has been developed to take you through the fundamental elements of vegan and vegetarian cooking. You will learn what nutrients the body requires for sustenance and the best ingredients to use within vegan and vegetarian cooking.


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