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Wellbeing Meditations: 21 Days to Love Your Body

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What you'll learn

This is a wellbeing meditiation course that will help you to learn to love your body. Break out of the shackles of self hate and start loving life!

Do you dread looking in the mirror every morning? Would you be happier if you could do it and smile?!

If your answer is “Yes!” then this is the journey for you. This course will help you eat mindfully and develop a better relationship with food. It will also help you to realise that you can love your body, and that it will make you happier if you do.

Melody will help you stay focused on achieving not only your ideal weight, but also a lifelong friendship with your body. Whether you would love to maintain a healthy weight or simply want to feel great, this is the course for you.

The 21 day journey that you will embark on can be repeated again and again whenever you need a boost of self love.

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  • Develop a two way communication channel with your body
  • Look in the mirror and smile every morning!
  • Help learn about your relationship food, and naturally choose the foods and food types that give you the highest amount of good
  • Release yourself from your negative thoughts and beliefs, and achieve your ideal weight.


Melody Litton
Healing for Life

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Wellbeing Meditations: 21 Days to Love Your Body
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Wellbeing Meditations: 21 Days to Love Your Body