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Understand Mental Health

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What you'll learn

Begin to recognise and understand mental illness and learn the best approaches to managing and treating it.

This course will teach you how to recognise and understand Mental Illness and how you can take action to help manage and deal with it. You will learn how to offer support to someone with a mental illness and what treatment options are available to them. You will also learn about any possible complications and risks and how to reduce the likelihood of becoming impaired by mental illness.

Dr. Leah is a Consultant Psychiatrist based in the UK. Her Specialist Training in Intellectual Disability Psychiatry aids her expertise in Recovery. Her Masters Degree in Forensic Psychiatry keepsĀ her focus sharp on Risk. The concepts come together in Riscovery. In this course, Leah will educate you on mental health using her exceeding knowledge in the area.

This course is predominantly suited to anyone wanting to learn more about mental health. It is an ideal resource for those wishing to promote mental health and mental health awareness. You do not require any prior knowledge of Mental Illness, just a desire to learn more and be better equipped to respond to Mental Illness.

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  • Includes 27 lectures and 2.5 hours of content.
  • Learn how to recognise symptoms that may indicate a Mental Illness
  • Learn how you can support a person who has Mental Illness
  • Find out what treatments are available and how you can take steps to reduce complications and risks
  • Suitable for anyone interested in promoting mental health.


Dr. Leah

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Understand Mental Health
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Understand Mental Health