Teaching: Fundamentals of Education

This Fundamentals Of Education Course will teach you about learning and teaching styles as well as key educational theories and methods, which are invaluable skills for anyone passionate about teaching.

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  • Includes 14 lectures and 1.5 hours of content.
  • Learn the difference between theories, styles, and domains within education.
  • Understand key learning and teaching techniques.
  • Discover what learning styles are and what you can do with them.
  • Ideal for anyone wishing to teach and it will add to existing instructor credibility.

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Teaching: Fundamentals of Education
Dr. S.
Dr. Steven W. Hartshorn
Course Tutor

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Course Facts

Course RequirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course

Course Teacher

Dr. Steven W. Hartshorn

CEO Sensiom training

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This course will teach you the key features of the educational process. You will be able to talk about major educational topics, learning and teaching strategies and find and develop your own teaching style. You will gain a great basis of knowledge and some invaluable skills. You will learn the difference between theories, styles, and domains within education and understand key learning and teaching techniques.

Dr Steven W. Hartshorn (M. Ed. D.A.) has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Masters of Education in Mathematics. He has also authored books on developing learning strategies for adults and children.

This course is ideal for anyone passionate about teaching and eager to learn about the fundamentals of education. It is perfect for anyone wishing to teach at a career college or community college level and it adds to any instructors credibility, even at the private teacher or tutor level. It is suited to anyone looking to improve their performance when giving instructions, even managers, consultants and auditors.