Barry Mapp

Mind Mapping and Accelerated Learning Coach

About Barry Mapp

Barry Mapp is a Mind Mapper and Accredited Life Coach with 20 years experience working in the personal development sector. Barry has worked in educational institutions and in the business sector therefore can tailor his teaching to a wide variety of people. He is an experienced e-learning instructor as he has taught simple techniques to enhance productivity, study skills, memory, mind-body, coaching ability, public speaking skills, and emotional intelligence to several thousand students.


Learn the crucial aspects to accelerated learning and learner success through this cognitive psychology course.

  51 students

This science of hands-on healing course will teach you about the history of healing and how this has changed with the emergence of science.

  68 students

This 4 course productivity and MBA bundle will teach you how to enhance the success of your business with expertly taught leadership, financial and performance management tools.


  37 students

Learn how to use mind mapping to enhance your productivity, this tool can be used in both business and personal practise by improving the way you plan.

  92 students