NLP Practitioner Bundle

This 3 course bundle will teach NLP basics, the interaction between mindset and behaviour and how to apply this exciting system of tools to help yourself and others excel in every aspect of life!

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Course Highlights

  • 206 lectures with over 10 hours of video content.
  • Understand how people organize their thinking, and language and how this affects behaviour.
  • Understand and use NLP techniques to improve your life by using Hari Kalymnios’ extensive research into neuroscience and representational systems.
  • Use Language Tools, Accessible Strategies, and Timeline establishment to your great benefit!
  • Practical guide to implementing NLP in your everyday life

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NLP Practitioner Bundle
Mayur Bardolia
Mayur Bardolia
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RequirementsThere are no prerequisites for these courses

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This bundle will teach NLP basics, the interaction between mindset and behaviour and how to apply this exciting system of tools to help yourself and others excel in every aspect of life! You will learn powerful, but simple techniques that will enhance motivation, communication and performance.

Once you have understand the basic concepts of NLP you will be able to apply these skills to your own life and others around you. Notice a change in mindset and attitude towards targets and enhance your success in any pursuit you choose! This course has been meticulously designed for people who desire the tools to create lasting and beneficial change in yourself and others!

Learn how to adapt the skills that you have learnt and become an accomplished NLP practitioner, you will learn to establish rapport, set goals and alter your behaviour so that you will be best placed to succeed. This course will allow you to practise NLP techniques on yourself and others so that they will enjoy a more positive approach in all their thinking and actions.


Introduction to NLP

Part 1 - What is NLP? & NLP Communication Model

Part 2 - Perceptual Positions - Let’s Put Our Legs In Others’ Shoes

Part 3 - Submodalities - Change Your Memories & Experiences

Part 4 - Anchoring - Power of Association

Part 5 - Well-formed outcome-How to set and get goals

Part 6 - How to build Rapport and Influence others

Part 7 - Precision Communication - Art of Gathering Information

Part 8 - Hypnotic Language Patterns- How to use your language to get what you want

NLP for Beginners - A Comprehensive Guide

Part 1 - Foundation

Part 2 - Improvers

NLP Practitioner Training

Part 1 - Introduction: Cause and Effect

Part 2 - The Map is Not the Territory

Part 3 - Sensory Acuity

Part 4 - Rapport

Part 5 - Representational Systems

Part 6 - Anchoring

Part 7 - State Elicitation

Part 8 - Language Patterns

Part 9 - Language Patterns 2

Part 10 - Chunking

Part 11 - Frames & Reframing

Part 12 - Reframing

Part 13 - Strategies

Part 14 - Meta Programmes

Part 15 - Timelines

Part 16 - Values

Part 17 - Goalsetting

Part 18 - Models & Applications

Part 19 - Satir Categories

Part 20 - Emotional Intelligence

Part 21 - Bonus Content: Free E-book

Part 22 - Practical NLP Podcast 1-15

Part 23 - Practical NLP Podcast 16-30

Part 24 - Practical NLP Podcast 31-45

Part 25 - Practical NLP Podcast 45-60

Part 26 - Practical NLP Podcast 61-77