Jane Considine

Tutor at The Training Space

About Jane Considine

Jane Considine is one of the most respected professionals in Primary Literacy in the U.K. Her innovative approach and evidence based learning make for striking results. Feedback confirms that pupils progress in their learning as a direct results of Jane's methods. Her high quality literacy tools, resources and theory based thinking make Jane a 'one stop shop' for anyone requiring inspiration, expertise, and tangible impact on the teaching of writing. Her delivery has been described as dynamic and energising, and she consistently receives excellent feedback.


This primary school teaching course will help improve teaching of writing using straightforward techniques that will impact directly on the results of your students.

  306 students

This 3 course teaching bundle will equip you with the knowledge and expertise to teach children, help them with writing and languages and be able to identify and work with special needs children.


  159 students